Leave and holiday management

A case of unavailability is represented in the schedule by a hatched colored rectangle. This indicates, for example, that a resource is absent or that some equipment has broken down or otherwise unavailable.

Creating "unavailability" type events

Various ways of displaying unavailability

-> Drawing a rectangle on the schedule with a left click on the mouse whilst holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard

-> Using a simple left click whilst holding down the CTRL key  on an empty space on the schedule window.

-> Click on the Add button "+" and choose "New unavailability"

The window below will be displayed:

Leave and holiday management

Available options

Just as for creating events in the schedule, these various options are available. See the corresponding chapters in the section Event scheduling

Copy &Paste
Assigning a leave of absence to several resources
Managing recurring absences

Modifying an unavailability

-> Double left click on the event

-> Right click then "Open"

-> Drag/Drop: drag and drop the absence directly onto a new date and/or onto a new resource.

Breakdown of leave taken by resources

You may monitor holidays by employee and by year. Click on the name of the resource and then go to the "Unavailability" tab.

Breakdown of leave taken by resources

Initializing the unavailability counter
Go to the menu Parameters and then Holidays. Enter the information as a function of your particular activity.
Holiday period start date  : Choose the start date for the start of the annual holiday period (01/06/2015 or 31/05/2016 for example) 
Holidays of : 5 or 6 days?
Number of days of holiday by default : Holidays of 25 or 30 days

Alert message and leave tracker

If the number of authorised leave days is exceeded, an alert message is displayed.

Initialising public holidays

Public holidays are totally configurable in PlanningPME Web Access.
Just go to the menu Parameters -> Public holidays

Using the menu Parameters ->Options -> Display, you may fully configure the coloring for public holidays.

Filtering planning by unavailability type

To subtract the absent people from the schedule, you may use the "Unavailability" filter to be found at the top of the screen.

For more information, see the chapter: Scheduling filters.