Personalize your schedule

Choose your preferences in order to have a planning system that suits your business activity.

Choosing colors for events

The event is represented by a colored rectangle, the meaning of the color having a significance which will depend on what parameters were entered into the menu Tools -> Options -> Task.

Choosing colors for events<

You may select the color as a function of the:

Task label: The rectangle takes on the colour of the event’s task label.

Category: The rectangle takes on the color of the event’s task label.

Client: The rectangle takes on the color of the client associated with the event.

time management: This uses the "Time slot" buttons available in the event and which may be personalized using the menu Tools -> Options -> Time slots The rectangle takes on the color of the slots associated with the event. This option is particularly useful in managing shift working .

Project: The rectangle takes on the color of the project associated with the event.

Selecting information displayed or distributed

You may select the fields displayed on your planning space from the menu "Data" -> "Description". 
- Body of the warning e-mail: content of your e-mail.
- Subject of the warning e-mail: subject of your e-mail.
- Portable: Rectangle representing the tasks in the portable versions.
- Label: Rectangle representing the events
- Tooltip: Yellow rectangle which appears superimposed when you place the mouse cursor over an event.

The selected information is thus adapted to your personal working diary.

Description planning event

Default colors

From the menu Tools -> Options -> Display, you may choose default colors for all the following elements:

User preferences

Text size and font

From the menu Tools -> Options -> Display, select the font type and size. This font will be used throughout the system.

Maximum line height

From the menu "Display", you may specify the maximum height of a line in the system. By increasing the height of the lines, the quantity of information displayed is increased but, at the same time, the number of lines visible on the screen at any one time is reduced.

Individual first column width adjustment possible

To modify your preferences, you can adjust the left-hand column width in the following views: resource, client, project, task.

Individual first column width adjustment 

Tutorial - Personalize your schedule

Date and time formats

From the menu "Display", you may choose a font and size for the text.

Personalising the data labels

From the menu Tools -> Formats, you may rename the default terms used in the software: task, client, project, category, etc.

Personalising the data labels

Choice of the language

From the homepage screen, you may change the language by clicking on the ‘globe’ icon in the top right-hand corner of the window: French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian or Swedish.

Connection to online schedule

Choosing a logo

The logo in the top left-hand pat of the screen above the filter area may also be personalized To do this, send us your logo in bitmap format, 45*45, and our technicians will incorporate it into your system.

User preferences

Each user may define the following to be default options and may change his/her password.

User preferences

The working week

From the menu Tools -> Options -> General, you may choose the days and hours that comprise your working week. The default profile for your resources will then take account of such parameters.

The working week

The working week: The working week: If you untick Saturday and Sunday, these two days will not appear in your planning space.

First day of the week: Choose the day to be the first working day of the week: Thereafter, on the calender, the first column will represent the day chosen to start the week and the scheduling will start the week based on that day.

time management: You make your choice of preferences concerning time slots here. They will be displayed according to the views - morning, afternoon, full day.

These data will be taken into account in calculating hours for exporting into Excel.