The Search function

Several search types are available in PlanningPME Web Access to ensure that you can rapidly find the information you seek in the planning system.

Search function

Find the events you are looking for with the ease of keywords. Enter directly the keyword in the search field in the upper right-hand part of the screen.

The Search function

The search is carried out on all the events in the planning system irrespective of the time period displayed on the screen. To cancel the search, delete the keyword and press the "Enter" key.

Searching for resources, clients and projects from the system’s planning space

Keyword searching

Enter the letters in the filter field and press the "Enter" key on the keyboard. 
Lines in the schedule will be filtered according to the view currently in place. For example, with the client view active, only clients with the specific combination of letters will be displayed.

To delete your filter, delete the text and press the "Enter" key.

This option is compatible with the other planning filters. Combining the filters and displaying targeted information means your planning and scheduling are optimized.