Agenda view, a view of the schedule optimized for mobiles, smartphones and tablets

Agenda scheduling on mobile

Do you want to access your team’s schedule on your tablet or do you want to give your employees the ability to view their own calendar on their mobile phone?
Discover the Agenda view, a view of the schedule optimized for mobile screens.

Access the monthly schedule

The period of time is displayed over a whole month which is indicated at the top right. Easily navigate from month to month via the arrows on either side of the month displayed.

Easily navigate from day to day

In addition, scrolling down or up, the day in question appears on a grey background.
The date format used (e.g. dddd d MMMM yyyy) can be changed by each user from their profile, menu “My Profile” , Date - Long Format.

View the current week

The week displayed always remains visible at the top of the screen: the week number as well as the time period concerned appear constantly to facilitate the access to the schedule of past or future events.

Create individual and unique access

You can manage rights for each user on the schedule and give precise read and/or write permissions on one or more services.
A common restriction is also to limit the user's access to their schedule.
cf. User access management

Choose the information displayed

From the Tools -> Description menu, you can choose the fields you want to display on the screen, on the block representing the event and the area below that block.
All the information appears entirely in a clear and organized way. Decide if you want to see the task label and status, the client’s name, address and number, comments and other projects. Customize the display to easily access important information for your business.
cf. Selecting information displayed or distributed

Call a client on their landline or mobile phone

Via the “...” menu located on the right of each event block, if you have entered the landline or mobile number of your client, you have the possibility to call him directly from your mobile phone via the “Call (Client)” menu.

View the address of an event on Google Maps

Via the menu “...” -> “See on the map”, you can display the address associated with the event on the Google Maps app.This menu “See on the map” appears if you have entered the address of the client or the location of the event.


To view the calendar of a single resource, select that resource from the “Resource” filter available at the top of the calendar on the first filter bar.

To display a particular date, you can select it via the calendar available at the top of the calendar on the first filter bar, or from this calendar you can return to today by pressing the “Today” button.

Yes, with the Enterprise version, you can synchronize the schedule of one or more resources to your Outlook calendar.

Yes, you can have a client sign off that a service has been carried out.
cf. Electronic signature