What our clients say in France and abroad

We are satisfied with this software: it is simple to use, and has generally met our needs (managing work stations in the library), it provides a daily overview of all staff calendars, it allows simple modifications of the work station schedules. It provides the benefit of allowing the creation of HTML pages visible on the library's site, and thus the staff know at any time where they should be and who will replace them at the work station.
Isabelle D.
PlanningPME is a simple and complete solution offering efficient and sophisticated schedule management, enabling us to compile, according to our needs, resources (both human and material), skills, job descriptions, projects, groupings, clients, etc., and of course tasks, dates and timetables. It is also possible to calculate the time spent on different activities, or the time material resources are used for, as well as absences and client costs, to conduct statistical analyses, communicate by e-mail automatically, etc. In summary, a highly-recommended scheduling software. At Bagneux we use it for managing coaches, managing the loan of IT equipment, managing personnel, etc.
Michelle A.
We are a company that is very active in the technical maintenance of HVA (Heating / Ventilation / Air-conditioning) systems. We were looking for a scheduling system that was simple to implement and use. We tested two, including yours, and immediately chose PlanningPME. Our choice was very easy because your site is very well constructed and after downloading the trial version, the choice was made.
J.M. Lambelet S.A.
Thomas R., Maintenance Manager
Before we started using the PlanningPME software, we were managing our scheduling using Excel and it was very difficult to see the whole week, month or year for each of our employees or for all our employees simultaneously. Since we have been managing the employees' schedules with PlanningPME, we have saved a lot of time.
Patricia P., Deputy Site Manager
The building trade department (metalworking, woodworking, painting and glazing, masonry, electricity, plumbing, roofing) uses PlanningPME to schedule tasks and unavailability for all contractors in the town of Versailles. For budget preparation, the Excel pivot tables have been a great help to us for graphical representation of all the quarterly or annual activities. The simplicity of use is of considerable help to our supervisors in team management. We are now able to track 3,500 - 4,000 work requests per year. The visibility of over 70 agents is just one click away, as is the work schedule for each workshop. Mairie de Versailles - Janick, Service Manager
Town of Versailles
Janick G., Service Manager
From the plethora of software available for tracking absences and holidays, PlanningPME immediately seemed to us to be the best choice available. Easy to install and intuitive to use, our different users have adopted it very quickly. As a specialist in the manufacture of printing machines and the converting of packaging materials, DCM has to manage increasingly complex human resources on a daily basis: holidays, RTT, sickness and also business travel or the organisation of technical teams in the factory or abroad. I will add that PlanningPME has been designed with a real understanding of the needs of small- and medium-sized business, it is scalable, and adapts to the needs of each user. Finally, its modest cost and the quality and dynamism of the Target Skill team should convince any remaining sceptics.
DCM Converting
M. Nguyen, Quality Manager
Concerning scheduling: this is a generic tool that I have been able to adapt very easily to the automobile market. I haven't been able to fault its reliability or find any functioning errors after one year of use. The only points for improvement relate to entering the client and merging them with the vehicle and then deleting them, as well as copying tasks that I would like to link up.
MERCEDES - BENZ Concessionnaire Paris
Didier B., After-Sales Manager
Our business is active in adult and professional training, we manage 80 lecturer colleagues and 15 classrooms with PlanningPME. We also carry out training at our clients' sites and we have found PlanningPME to be a good way of managing our sessions. After several months' research, we chose PlanningPME because it met the majority of our needs and our moderate budget. We are happy to testify to the excellent way this software matches our needs. The installation was very easy and the software met our expectations perfectly.
PROactif Formations
Christian C., Director
The care-givers in the company, who work with multiple employers, regularly inform us of their availability. 3 administrative staff are assigned to the scheduling. They manage all the care-givers' schedules. They draw up a calendar for each new mission and send it to each care-giver.
Herbaut J.-L., CEO
We manage our 18 technicians as well as our material resources in a centralized fashion. The only way to guarantee a consistent view of all our account managers is to work with a single calendar that is accessible via network. We have used PlanningPME for 8 years and have been completely satisfied. We find it to be efficient and flexible, enabling us to manage our team of 18 technicians and also our equipment. It allows our 3 account managers to have a perfect view of availability for the daily management of their sites.
IP Focus
Reynouardt J.-F., MD
PlanningPME allows us to plan our industrial production work (cyclical activities over 35 hours). Integrating the software (installation, training, and writing the specifics) took place in less than 2 months with a Target Skills project manager who was competent, efficient and always friendly, all of this within a reasonable budget. We completed the software with specific interfaces in Windec PcSoft and have access to the information relevant for each department: industrial, human resources (preparatory pay slips) and management control. PlanningPME is a relatively new product, the Target Skills team always listen to customer requests to ensure that the product develops.
Segafredo Zanetti France
Caharel J.-F.
PlanningPME scheduling software installed on a network has been extremely useful for us, helping us manage and link HR absence and activity (50 people) as well as material resources (40 elements) especially during business trips. This product is very simple to install and set up; we also like its pleasant graphic design. Target Skills' great reactivity means that every month the product is developing and improving. Now it would be impossible for us to work without it!
Challenge BAT