Time Management

Manage the time of your employees easily!

Before we started using the PlanningPME software, we were managing our scheduling using Excel and it was very difficult to see the whole week, month or year for each of our employees or for all our employees simultaneously. Since we have been managing the employees' schedules with PlanningPME, we have saved a lot of time.
Patricia P., Deputy Site Manager
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A common solution to all your employees

 Time Management

Eliminate scheduling conflicts and create your schedules rapidly assigning shifts to your employees with just few clicks. Manage multiple locations, skills and availability of your resources via a user-friendly planning board. Create rotating shifts with no more timesheet errors.

Enjoy the benefits of time management software

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Planning conflicts management

Time management is simplified

Manage your resource shifts and vacations of in just a few clicks. You can also manage any kind of absences (vacations, sick leave, public holiday, compensation…) and thus optimize your resource workload.

With PlanningPME time management become a piece of cake: you can customize the time profiles for each resource, manage team rotations, see in real-time who is on-site, who is out of office and who is offsite.

Efficient time management enables productivity increase by centralising all data in just one planning accessible by managers and employees.

Furthermore all data are stored in the planning history. In any doubt, finding the right information at any time is really easy. Last but not least, reporting and statistic tools allow you to export your data anytime.