Appointment scheduling software

Ease your appointment making and management through a shared real-time schedule

We were looking for a planification tool that would enable us to improve appointment management as well as time working schedule of our employees. Thanks to PlanningPME, we have a daily repartition of resources and timeframes and we are using color codes for each activity in our institute in order to optimize our customer appointment scheduling.
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Save time in the management of your appointments

 Appointment scheduling software

Appointment making is one of the key steps in the customer relationship. PlanningPME gives you an efficient planning tool to optimize appointment making management and ensure an optimized follow-up of your clients. Organize your employees working schedule right now and check their availability in real time.

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PlanningPME various functionalities enable you to quickly organize your appointments with clients, contractors and suppliers and to get such a precise view of your schedule that your reactivity is to its best when you're asked for a new appointment. Your team working schedule and workload is optimized. On top of saving you precious time everyday, this also enables your coworkers to check any time what their next appointments are, with which client, and what tasks or missions need to be fulfilled.

Discover the advantages of professionnal appointment scheduling

Multi-platform access

Customer management

Alerts and notifications

Reports and statistics


Ease your activity and staff management

An unexpected event or an absent employee? Do not panic, you can search in PlanningPME for another available coworker with matching skills to take over on a file as well as reassign tasks to other employees.

Centralized management and shared provisional schedule of your employees save you time and money: no more appointments are missed thanks to e-mail notifications . Full activity history is saved, you can know who changed an appointment, how many hours your technician spent by a customer or check the last intervention date. Many data can be retrieved from your schedule in order to run your own statistical analysis especially through the use of pivot tables in Excel. You control your activity in real time and improve your customers satisfaction with enhanced reactivity.

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