Leaves tracking software

Track time of your resources and optimize their daily work schedule

From the plethora of software available for tracking absences and holidays, PlanningPME immediately seemed to us to be the best choice available. Easy to install and intuitive to use, our different users have adopted it very quickly. As a specialist in the manufacture of printing machines and the converting of packaging materials, DCM has to manage increasingly complex human resources on a daily basis: holidays, RTT, sickness and also business travel or the organisation of technical teams in the factory or abroad. I will add that PlanningPME has been designed with a real understanding of the needs of small- and medium-sized business, it is scalable, and adapts to the needs of each user. Finally, its modest cost and the quality and dynamism of the Target Skill team should convince any remaining sceptics.
DCM Converting
M. Nguyen, Quality Manager
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Access the leaves schedule at any time

Leaves tracking software

Manage absences and vacations of your employees easily . You can even show within the planning board the number of employees off at any time so that your planner can plan in advance the activity.

Simplify your human resources management

Vacations and days off

Human and/or material resources

History and follow up

Day-to-day planning views

User rights

Organize leaves and absences

Leave management is always complicated in a company. With PlanningPME manage time off and vacations of your employees easily. Visualize at a glance how manyresources are off and why. PlanningPME allows you to have different graphical views on your schedule.

You can view the daily schedule, weekly schedule or monthly for example. With an overview of your staff presence, you can spread the workload easily and become more efficient on a daily basis.

With the history option, you can access the details of each of your coworker absences as well as their remaining days off. Real time update enables you to improve the administrative management of your employees.

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