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Save time with an easy-to-use and graphical employee scheduling software

We are satisfied with this software: it is simple to use, and has generally met our needs (managing work stations in the library), it provides a daily overview of all staff calendars, it allows simple modifications of the work station schedules. It provides the benefit of allowing the creation of HTML pages visible on the library's site, and thus the staff know at any time where they should be and who will replace them at the work station.
Isabelle D.
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Planning accessible to all of your employees

 Appointment scheduling software

PlanningPME employee scheduling software manages appointments, meetings, leaves and vacations of your staff on one single visual planning. Find easily available resources for specific tasks. Networkable, it is a powerful scheduling tool that can be adapted to your business needs easily thanks to many features.

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Day-to-day planning views

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Managing your employees with our planning tools

These days, employee scheduling appears to be one of the major issues to deal with for business to be successful and optimize their time management. Schedule the right resource at the right time taking into consideration the global workload of each department. Using our efficient graphical and networkable scheduler PlanningPME can save you precious time and money.

At a glance, check where your employees are, what they are doing and when.

"Avoid schedule conflicts being warned when a resource is already booked. Send them e-mails and notifications to get your staff informed of last minute planning changes. Moreover, as our planning tools are really flexible, they can be adapted to any type of business thanks to appropriate color-coding, customized additional fields, import/export features. Customers using PlanningPME tools are from various business activities: Administration, Industry, Energy & buildings, Services."

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