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Construction site planning

Construction site planning is also very useful to follow up on the ongoing tasks, in order to identify belated ones very quickly and implement the needed adjustments for the most optimal course of action.
Whether you're thinking workers, various trades or hardware, everything is managed in your schedule.

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In the field of construction or building, the planning is an unavoidable document for every actors and stakeholders. It grants you an accurate view on the construction in progress and enables you not only to adjust key levers such as tasks linking or delivery date but also to estimate possible delays or manage workload of every worker.

The distribution of the schedule to all actors of the construction site is also essential in order to coordinate the various interventions and be the most precise in the completion time estimation.

PlanningPME scheduling software installed on a network has been extremely useful for us, helping us manage and link HR absence and activity (50 people) as well as material resources (40 elements) especially during business trips. This product is very simple to install and set up; we also like its pleasant graphic design. Target Skills' great reactivity means that every month the product is developing and improving. Now it would be impossible for us to work without it!
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For SEI, which installs security systems, employee and facility scheduling is under control

IP Focus

IP Focus

IP Focus quickly optimized the planning of its electricians' work sites

Carrelage Geoffray

carrelage Geoffray

For Geoffrey's company, optimizing the planning of its tilers is a great success thanks to PlanningPME



Cometi organizes the planning of interventions by checking in real time the availability of its resources