Production scheduling software

Optimize the workload of your resources and your production costs

How to optimize your supply chain?

Production scheduling software

Optimize the workload of your employees and assign tasks to qualified individuals in order to manage all of your pending or future production projects as efficiently as possible.

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A planning that adapts to your production projects

Production planning is a complex process ranging from the optimization of daily tasks to allocate your human and material resources to the control of manufacturing delays and delivery of various projects.

"It is important to have at your disposal, a visual, intuitive and efficient production planning software, that enables you o maximize the overall workload and reduce production time and costs. PlanningPME will be your vital ally to optimize your production projects management. Our planning software grants you specific functionnalities and views such as Gantt charts and customizable task models and allows you to pre-define successions of tasks models stating durations and resources to be allocated by default."

PlanningPME allows us to plan our industrial production work (cyclical activities over 35 hours). Integrating the software (installation, training, and writing the specifics) took place in less than 2 months with a Target Skills project manager who was competent, efficient and always friendly, all of this within a reasonable budget. We completed the software with specific interfaces in Windec PcSoft and have access to the information relevant for each department: industrial, human resources (preparatory pay slips) and management control. PlanningPME is a relatively new product, the Target Skills team always listen to customer requests to ensure that the product develops.
Segafredo Zanetti France
Caharel J.-F.

Somtec CH

Somtec CH

At Somtec, the haute-horlogerie specialist, the management of production schedules has facilitated daily organization



At Bernina, PlanningPME is mainly used to optimize the occupancy of production machines