SEI's success story

Manage the weekly work schedule and easily anticipate the unexpected

SEI's success story

Company Overview

The company SEI Security Systems, has been working for more than 35 years in the field of active and passive safety, in the sale and installation of alarm systems, video surveillance, fire detection and extinguishing, access control , safes and storage systems. The reliable and timely installation with the publication of the compliance documentation is one of our key points, the company is composed of 30 people, including technicians, commercial and secretaries / administrative staff.
The speed of information exchange internally within the various departments of the company and towards the customer, is one of the essential factors for the success of our company which is always looking for new opportunities. understood from a technological infrastructure and organizational point of view.

Schedule uses:
Site planning, weekly planning and resource optimization

Our scheduling needs

The initial requirement was to be able to use an intuitive web application that would allow me to organize the two main variables of our activity: tasks and resources. The problem was the difficulty of having a tool that can also be accessed outside the office , by several people at the same time, and who can tell me "who does what", thus allowing to act immediately on the different strategic aspects of the company.
In parallel, the tool should help the technical manager to plan the different technical aspects based on the skills and availability of each employee.

Weekly planning and daily management of working hours

Through the use of PlanningPME, we have created a business procedure that allows us to always control the work to be done , the work in progress and the work already done, and to adjust the workload day by day. week by week to be able to coordinate everything internally. Thanks to an easy and intuitive graphic design and the ability to slide events and people in a fast and fluid way, the jobs - "building sites" are always organized and visible to everyone, at any time. The product has been incremented in our organization, in a shared procedure, so that we lack nothing. The benefits gained with the use of PlanningPME Web Access have exactly met our initial requirements.