Tutorial on Notifications

Be informed at a glance of the last changes on your planning via badges or notifications on the toolbars

1 - What is a notification?

A notification informs users of new or modified tasks and/or unavailabilities that are related to the planning activity.
The notifications can be defined per user and you can have relevant information on tasks and/or unavailabilities changes for one or several resources.
Notifications can be activated in PlanningPME as red badges on the planning board and / or notifications on your bottom toolbars.

2 - How can I activate notifications?

First, activate the option from the menu Tools -> Options -> Task and select "Activate notifications". Then, on the menu "View", you will now see the menu "Notifications". Notifications rights

Then, each user will do the settings of his own notifications: when connecting to his session (users rights must be activated in the software), he can decide whether he wants to be informed of additions and/or modifications of the events allocated to the different resources listed.

Notifications rights

3 - Visualisation of the notifications on the planning

"When a user logs in to the planning board, red buttons indicate which events (tasks or unavailabilities) were created or modified on the scheduler.

3.1 - Notification of the type ""Badges""

The icon with a ""+"" symbolizes a new event.

3.2 - Notification of the type ""Windows notification""


4 - List of notifications

You also have a listing of all your notifications from the menu View -> Notifications: Notifications list

5 - Remove the notifications icons

If you want to remove the notifications icons, you just need to open the task or the unavailability. You can also deselect the option "Activate notifications" from the menu View -> Notifications.