How to choose between a software and a web application to propose the best planning solution to your users?

Target Skills presents its scheduling management solutions that will help any company to manage its resources, tasks, appointments efficiently. PlanningPME can be used to answer all kinds of scheduling needs: tasks, projects, training, rooms management, service planning

We offer a complete range of solutions adapted to your business to improve your time management and optimize the occupation of your resources on a daily basis. Whether they are administrators, managers and planners, everyone can access their data with a powerful planning tool.

In order to familiarize yourself with our products, don't wait any longer to benefit from a free trial and discover the PlanningPME spectrum through our various tools.

Our scheduling solutions

PlanningPME scheduling software

  • Shared scheduling over the company network
  • Human and Material Resource management
  • Schedule your meetings, projects and all kinds of tasks

PlanningPME Web Access

  • A permanent access to your schedules on line
  • Secure data on our reliable servers
  • An improvement of remote work

A software is a native application with a dependency on its environment (Windows, Macintosh platform, IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry), it is downloaded on a website or on a platform such as Apple Store or Play Store.
A web application such as PlanningPME Web Access runs through an internet browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Mozilla, Chrome), has no dependency on its environment , and adjusts accordingly.

Deployment and Update

To deploy or upgrade software, all users must download the installation package while for a web application, the application is installed on the server. Users instantly have the application on all computers, smartphones and tablets.


Software is faster than a web application, for the simple reason that the programming code is compiled for an environment, while the HTML of the web application is interpreted by the browser. Of course, computers are becoming more and more powerful, browsers run faster instructions, internet links are faster. As a result, the difference in performance decreases as technology advances.

What questions should be asked to make your choice?

What are the devices of my users: Computers (Windows, Macintosh, Linux), Tablets, Smartphones (Apple, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry)?
What is the functional perimeter of the solution you are looking for?

Complementary product

PlanningPME Viewer

A complementary module for the PlanningPME Software.
Reading licences that allow to have access to the information on real time without modifications possibilities.

Many of our customers use other computer software and applications in parallel. PlanningPME offers a great flexibility of use and can interface with other tools that you already use within your company. Our team is there to assist you in the reorganization of your planning management thanks to its IT skills and a business approach.