Installation MS Access

PlanningPME uses by default an Access database.

To work correctly, PlanningPME need the installation of several components depending on your operating system.

At this stage, the software PlanningPME is supposed to be installed on at least, one computer.

Choose the server

- Create a PlanningPME folder on the server
- Share this folder in reading and writing
- Copy the file PlanningPME.pp on this folder

Installation of the software: 2 choices

1st choice: Install PlanningPME on the server and create a shortcut of the file PlanningPME.exe on each computer.
2nd choice: Install PlanningPME on each computer.
Installing PlanningPME according to the first choice, installing the future updates will be much easier.

Indicate the location of the database on each computer

Go to the menu File -> Location and precise the location of the database PlanningPME.pp

For reasons of performances, we advise you to map a network drive on the network path of the server and to precise this drive on the location of the database instead of the entire network path.
Example : the network path \\Server\PlanningPME is affected with letter P:

Validate the locks

Go to the directory "Tools" -> "Options" and select the tab "network".
Selecting the box "Network the program and control task modification by blocking simultaneous use", you can lock a task while using it in order no one to modify it.